Chi gets a facelift and is enhanced with more content

New features include: an extensive fashion & beauty section and new columns accessible also using the augmented reality app

Chi, Italy’s most popular people magazine – with 2.2 million readers (source: Audipress 2016/III) – will appear on newsstands this week in a renewed and enhanced form. The Mondadori Group magazine edited by Alfonso Signorini, had reinforced the fashion & beauty and introduced  new columns that are accessible using the augmented reality app, “Gruppo Mondadori AR+”, available for both iOS and Android, the provides access to videos and other additional content and enables users to interact with other active users.

“With this operation we want to consolidate and reinforce an already highly successful formula,” Gianluigi Piccinali, brand manager for entertainment. “Chi has long been a point of reference when it comes to celebrities and scoops and, from today, it will be an even more complete women’s title, rich in content, useful, amusing and able to meet the all-round needs of readers. Plus, thanks to augmented reality, it will be the first magazine in Italy to “expand” the experience from the page to a smartphone, or similar device, thanks to exclusive multimedia content,” Piccinali concluded.

The new section “In Stile Chi” will be a fixed appointment for readers, a fantastic window on all that’s new in the world of fashion (looks, collections, accessories, catwalks) and beauty (make-up, treatments, hair, trends). Lots of pages to get a feel for the glamour inspired by celebrities and breakthrough stars.

The columns of the magazine – the most widely-read in Italy by those who make buying decisions (1.4 million, source: Audipress 2016/III) – have been expanded and, alongside the most popular, a number of new columns have been added, such as “Wellness”, with exercises and advice on how to keep in shape and the best wellbeing products. There is also a new Food sectionwith a recipes by a famous chef and lost of tips on preparing vegetarian and traditional dishes, as well as surprising cocktails.

An entire section is also dedicated to culture and leisure, with indications about which exhibitions to see, the ideal books for a trip or a relaxing weekend, as well as newly released music, museums, food fairs, openings and much more.

In rotation, there will also be columns on Travel, Animals and Must Haves, featuring all the current season’s trends.