Digital School: the 3rd edition of the Donna Moderna, CasaFacile and Sale&Pepe training school

Content and social media management, cultivating business ideas, online language and writing techniques

in Milan, from 14 October, in the classrooms of Piano C and the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo

Digital School, the training initiative launched by Donna ModernaCasaFacile and Sale&Pepe – based on the experience of three brand leaders in the women’s, interiors and food sectors – opens its doors in Milan to the 3rd expanded training  offer with a range of new classroom-based courses.

For those who wish to acquire and develop their digital skills and become autonomous in the online development of a brand, from the creation of an editorial plan to an SEO strategy, there is the course in Content and social media management, now in its third year. A 42-hour, two-level course – the basic level course starts on 14 October and the advanced course from 27 January – with classroom lesson by editors and digital professionals of the Mondadori Group’s three brands, tutoring in class, case history studies and a concluding workshop.
For freelancers and those looking to develop their own business there are three new One-day courses: a day dedicated to self-empowerment and strategies for self promotion (25 November), the second focuses on How to cultivate business ideas and take the first steps in starting your own business (2 December); followed by a third course dedicated to the ABC of VAT, how it works and the latest regulations.
Lessons will be held in Milan at Piano C, the social innovation laboratory the brings together women and work; a space in Milan for the realisation of digital and other projects, aimed at reducing female unemployment in Italy.

This year’s Digital School training offer will be further enhanced by a new course in Online language and writing techniques, which will be held at the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo, in Milan. The basic rules of journalistic writing and tricks to make sure you are read on the web will be the main features of this 3-day course run by the editorial team of Donna Moderna: how to write and be read in the digital era (30 October), recognising fake news and selecting sources (6 November) and social networks as information ad communication tools (13 December).

Digital School also has e-learning options, with 19 courses and study paths, such as: Starting a blog, e-commerce, Photography for blogs and social media, Digital PR, Engagement Strategy. The online course offer includes courses on Creative Writing, for those who want to learn the techniques for writing a novel or short stories, with the support of established writers such as Michela Murgia, Grazia Verasani and Alessandra Appiani.

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