Fattorie Garofalo opens its Mozzarella Bistrot in the Mondadori Megastore in Via Marghera in Milan

Raffaele Garofalo, chairman of Fattorie Garofalo: “It will be a location for cultural events linked to the typical excellence of Made in Italy food”

Mario Resca, chairman of Mondadori Retail: “This is a new space to meet and relax that will enhance the cultural offer of our Megastore”

The colour of the steel of a modern dairy, the natural tones of oak, fodder and earth and, finally, that of mozzarella, white are the chromatic characteristics of the Fattorie Garofalo Mozzarella Bistrot which opened today – 23 February 2017 – in the Mondadori Megastore in Via Marghera in Milan.

The bistro also extends outside the Mondadori store with two large terraces, and representing  a company history marked by tradition and innovation, as well as the promotion of the values ​​of freshness, naturalness and craftsmanship of buffalo mozzarella in the essential language of a clean design while seeking a balance between the past, present and future, developed by Antonio Zagaria and the Costa Group. And all for a future in which the production of cultural events will be presented in the key of food.

Fattorie Garofalo, now in its third generation, is located in Capua where it leads the entire chain: 10 thousand buffalo, reared in the Caserta area and with a turnover of €70 million generated from the sale of buffalo mozzarella, buffalo meat and salami and green electricity generated from biogas and photovoltaic. Today the company is focused on an ambitious expansion plan in direct food retailing, with investments of around €6 million euro per year.

As part of this expansion the Fattorie Garofalo Mozzarella Bistrot in Via Marghera in Milan will be a strategic hub and become a place for cultural events, facilitated by being located within the Mondadori Megastore, and closely identified with the culinary excellence of Made in Italy.

The guest of honour of the inaugural event will be the chef Rosanna Marziale, who, especially for the occasion, has created the recipe “Mozzarella Marghera”, a show cooking event made possible by the innovative open kitchen with a social table, from where the audience can observe the work of the famous chef while sitting around the table.

Raffaele Garofalo, the chairman of Fattorie Garofalo, said: “This Mozzarella Bistrot, in the middle of a store that draws its strength from the diffusion of culture, will become a place dedicated to the production of cultural events that will have as its theme and central line the typical excellence of food that is ‘Made in Italy’, and which are well represented in the Mediterranean Diet, recognised as an intangible heritage by UNESCO.” “The strength of our products – he added – is also in the often fascinating history that generated them and, like our monumental heritage, every year attracts millions to Italy of tourists from all over the world.”

“Thanks to this collaboration the Mondadori Megastore in Via Marghera will be enhanced with a new space for meeting and conviviality focusing on the excellence of Italy’s culinary tradition. We are delighted to be able to offer visitors to our store in the heart of Milan an even more rewarding cultural offer that can satisfy different needs during the day,” said Mario Resca, the chairman of Mondadori Retail.