GialloZafferano is the “Top of Mind” brand for the Italian online audience

  • The only digital native brand among the best known in Italy
  • For 39% of internet users it is the most useful and unmissable in the kitchen

The first edition of the “Food media brands” survey, by Human Highway, is now available. The research examines two segments of the population – online e offline – a total of 2,200 adults, representative of 52.4 million Italians.

The survey provide a panorama of the sector’s most popular elements, ranging from the TV programmes and personalities to the editorial brands that Italians feel most attached to.
Among the standout results is the positioning of GialloZafferano: Italy’s most popular cooking website with 6 million unique users, and which is also available on newsstands as a monthly magazine and in bookshops with a book of recipes by foodbloggers. All of which make it the only top ranking digital native brand in the Human Highway survey.

The awareness of GialloZafferano emerges particularly strongly among the online audience: for 21% of the segment it is the first cooking brand that comes spontaneously to mind, giving it the “Top of Mind” title in the listing.
GialloZafferano is also one of the most well-known brands in both segments of the survey’s sample: spontaneously mentioned by 19% of the respondents (representing 10 million Italians), coming immediately after two much-loved TV programmes, La Prova del Cuoco and Masterchef.

According to the Human Highway survey, within the online segment, GialloZafferano is identified as the brand most used by Italians for cooking, thanks to the possibility of serving users in different ways across the whole day: it has become a “never again without”, unmissable in the kitchen brand for 39% of Italian Internet users (corresponding to 12 million people).

The analysis highlights how digital brands, and firstly GialloZafferano, are closely identified by their usefulness and are considered a valuable source of recipes, while the perception of the TV shows is mainly related to their entertainment value: with 71% of the respondents declaring that they have seen or consulted GialloZafferano in the last year, qualifying it as the brand the most effectively converts knowledge into utility.
GialloZafferano is the point of reference for internet users also in terms of  its influence on buying behaviour: with twice as many respondents declaring that they follow the advice indicated in the featured recipes, compared with those on the TV programmes.
In this context, based on the indications regarding the spontaneous awareness of all of the Mondadori Group’s food brands in the survey – GialloZafferano along with Cookaround, Sale&Pepe and Cucina Moderna – reach a total of 23.4% of the population.