Grazia International Network: two print-editions of Grazia Australia in 2017

Grazia Australia is expanding its publishing system with the launch of two print editions in 2017.

The name given to the new special publication, The Next Generation Issue, has two main aims: to reach out to a new audience, but also to act as a social agenda on the issues that matter most to readers.

The Next Generation Issue is the result of the success of the digital platform ( with which, since last year, Grazia has been present on the Australian market and established itself as one of the most dynamic fashion and lifestyle brands.

Of particular note is the distribution model which revolutionises the approach and contact points with the public using a new concept printed product.

With a print run of 110,000 copies, Grazia Australia will be Australia’s first luxury magazine to experiment with an innovative distribution method: not only using the usual channels, i.e. newsstands and retail outlets, but also directly through selected retailers who will make the magazine available at key locations for the world of fashion, capturing the interest of a selected and dynamic group of readers.

The Next Generation Issue has two different covers and aims to celebrate, in an unconventional manner, the many different channels of the fashion industry, the influence of social media – especially among millennials – and the combination of elegance and easy chic style that characterises Grazia all over the world.

With this initiative the Grazia brand once again confirms its role as an international point of reference for fashion and style.

Grazia International Network (, the network created by the Mondadori Group to develop Grazia around the world, has built a global multi-channel system around the brand that, with its various publications and web sites, reaches an overall community of 17 million readers and a monthly circulation of 10 million copies.