Icon Design makes its debut in Spain

In 2017 two issues of the first international edition of the Mondadori Group brand dedicated to the world of architecture and international design with a spotlight on the protagonists and emerging talent on the Spanish scene

Icon Design, the Mondadori Group’s upscale design and furnishing magazine launches in Spain in a completely autonomous version, edited by Lucas Arraut, formerly the editor of the local edition of Icon.

The launch of this first international edition continues the success of the title which, in addition to Italy, will this year also publish two special issues in Spain. The first, on newsstands as a free supplement to the top selling Spanish daily, El País, will be available until the publication of the second issue, in September, a the price of €3. The launch issue is made up of 154 editorial pages, including interviews, background and overviews of the objects, places and images that define international design. The issue will also have 32 pages of advertising featuring high profile clients and an expected circulation of 200,000 copies.

“The Spanish brother of Icon Design – declared Lucas Arraut – has been created with the same desire to combine a precise and focused journalistic approach with the most fascinating images of architecture and interior design, bringing such content to a wider public beyond professionals from the sector. We set of on a search for exciting stories to tell, new talent to discover and great masters to celebrate, while making sure to use the best editors and photographers. The whole project starts from a very simple premise: interesting people live in interesting homes and have interesting things to say.”

With regard to masters to celebrate, the cover of the first issue of Icon Design Spain features Giorgio Armani the founder and leader of the fashion house, who opened his home to the editor of the first international edition of the Mondadori Group magazine, that describes it as a “an unpretentious Milanese palace, but decorated with the same radical simplicity that the designer uses for his clothes, fragrances and even the furniture he designs.” Because “between beautiful but uncomfortable and ugly but comfortable, the first is by far best,” says Armani in the interview with the editor Lucas Arraut.

The first issue also features a number of Spanish designers who are making an important mark on the international scene, including Miguel Milá, Patricia Urquiola, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Pascua Ortega and many more.