Spy: over 300,000 copies sold for each of the first three issues

On newsstands from Friday 14 July at €1 with a cover story on the reignited love story between Paola Barale and Raz Degan

Huge success for Spy, the Mondadori Group weekly that focuses on the Italian star system, that made its first appearance on newsstands on 23 June.

On the strength of a distinctive identity and positioning, compared with what’s available on the market, and thanks to a tantalising and biting style that remains always conscious of the importance of editorial quality, Spy is aimed at a broad and interested target that has rewarded the formula from the beginning. In fact, each of the first three weekly issues has sold over 300,000 copies. Excellent results have also been recorded on the advertising front, with over 150 pages for the first three issues and the presence of all product sectors.

Spy, based on an idea by Alfonso Signorini, is edited by Massimo Borgnis. Each week Spy digs deep inside the life of celebrities, in line with its claim claim to be “The magazine that minds other people’s business”, and revealing unusual but always current stories and focusing on the personalities of the moment that enthuse the Italian public. The next issue, on newsstands from Friday 14 July, with a cover price of €1, will feature revelations about the reignited love story between Paola Barale and Raz Degan, unpublished behind the scenes coverage of the Isoardi-Salvini betrayal and the new man who has bewitched Maria De Filippi.