The Mondadori Group has signed up to the “Valore D” Manifesto for women at work

The “Valore D” Manifesto for women at work, which has been signed by the Prime Minister, the Mister for economic Development, INPS (the Italian department of social security) and by the chief executives and chairmen of many leading Italian companies, is a 9-point programme that defines specific measures, in line with international standards for the reporting of sustainability, to enhance female talent in the workplace.

By signing the Manifesto companies commit themselves, among other things, to ensuring that , for example, in the selection process, to have groups of candidates from both sexes (Point 1) and to monitor the number of women at various levels within the company (Point 3), contributing to reducing the pay gap and encouraging the professional growth of women, also at the highest levels (Point 8). Special attention is also given to the management of maternity (Point 4) and support for parents (Points 5, 6 and 7).

On signing up to the Manifesto, our chief executive Ernesto Mauri underlined the fundamental contribution made by women to the Group’s success.

Mondadori’s support for the Manifesto is a further step in the company’s efforts to enhance the presence of women in the company, following its support for the Equal Opportunities Statement presented by Confindustria in 2012, and is in line with the principle set out on our Code of Ethics.

Valore D is the leading business association for the promotion of diversity, talent and female leadership for the growth of the companies and the country. Founded in 2009, it now brings together some 150 Italian companies.