The new Starbene

The Mondadori Group brand leader in the health and wellbeing segment starts the year with much that is new for the more than 3.6 million of contacts in its system


The magazine is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new design and an editorial line that aims to be a point of reference in the world of health and wellbeing

Starbene Podcast: for the first time, audio clips demand about diet, health and general wellbeing

Starbene, to coincide with the title’s 40th anniversary, the Mondadori Group brand, that is a point of reference in the health and wellbeing segment, a new look has been given to its media system with increased attention to diet, health and fitness.

Thanks to an even more positive approach, the new Starbene will offer even easier to use solutions, making it – thanks to both the print and digital content – “personal wellbeing coach”, an authoritative and accessible consultant to guide the readers towards a healthier day-to-day life.

«The authoritativeness comes from the professionalism of the journalistic staff, the network of over 100 experts and 40 years of experience, making Starbene a safe haven in a time of disinformation and post-truth. An authentic point of reference to help you make the right choices, concerning health and wellbeing», declared Annalisa Monfreda, the magazine’e editor.


With a view to further expanding the multichannel nature of its system – which comprises the magazine, web, TV, radio, events and social media – Starbene has launched a number of new features offering new services to an increasingly broad total audience, which already accounts for over 3.6 million total contacts per month (source: Audiweb November 2016 + Audipress 2016/II print and/or replicas).

The magazine will change in a number of ways, starting from the way in which content is presented. The issue on newsstands from tomorrow, Tuesday 17 January, will include articulated dossiers with background information and a focus on  news, diet, health, fitness, beauty and psychology, with the reliability and guaranteed competence of a range of experts that have long been a hallmark of the brand.

Moreover, for the first time, the brand is also launching the Starbene Podcast, short audio clips, produced by the staff in collaboration with MyVoxes, that can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and PCs from the web site with news, every day, about diet, health and wellbeing. While, every Tuesday, there will be a closer look at one of the articles in the magazine with the voices of experts on issues of greater interest to the Starbene community.

Every morning Starbene users will receive a daily newsletter con with brief news items, updates and links to the podcast.

Finally, also the collaboration with Radio Monte Carlo continues on Mondays to Fridays, at 12.15, as part of the section RMC DOC providing daily health tips and suggestion from the experts of Starbene.

The system is also active with a series of events around the country. For example, Starbene is the media partner of “Winter Village”, the first of its kind organised in Milano, from 18 to 22 January in the area around Via Pagano. The magazine is present every day with a showcooking demo, during which the chefs, assisted by the title’s nutritionists, put together a menu that combines taste with wellbeing. There is also a desk where visitors can seek personalised advice, offered for free, about diet and nutrition, food allergies and healthy eating in general.

The first issue of the new Starbene will be on newsstands from 17 January with a cut price of €1. The launch is supported by a media campaign developed by Hi! Comunicazione in the press, on TV, radio, the web and at large-scale retail outlets.

Starbene is part of the Mediamond health hub, a multi-brand and multi-channel network that reaches some 6.7 million contacts every month (total audience print + digital, source: Audiweb November 2016 + Audipress 2016/II print and/or replicas).