Focus Junior Star goes monthly

The Focus Junior system is reinforced with a magazine wholly dedicated to the most popular singers and YouTubers among kids

Focus Junior Star, the collectors’ special edition of Focus Junior entirely dedicated to the most popular personalities from the world of entertainment, including YouTubers, singers, stars of the cinema, rappers and bloggers, from tomorrow will be a monthly.

Focus Junior Star is a spin-off of Focus Junior and shares the same mission: to entertain young readers and to stimulate their curiosity through their idols in music, on television and social networks, that we will attempt to present through stories and anecdotes from their lives. We also want to bring the personalities as close as possible to our readers to show that they are almost always just normal kids, with the same problems and doubts, but have been able to transform their fragility into points of strength. In addition, we will exploit the seemingly ‘light’ topics in Focus Junior Star to explain the scientific, historical or news issues featured in the songs. There will also be detailed background on the evolution of music, artistic workshops and lessons on how to become a YouTuber. 

This new magazine will enhance the communication system that revolves around Focus Junior, the Mondadori Group brand designed to satisfy the curiosity of children and teenagers, from 8 to 13. Focus Junior is available as a printed magazine, in digital and augmented reality, through the dedicated app that is also active of the web site, on social networks and the spin-off XGioko.

The brand has also created “Play Lab”, a new games format in line with the philosophy of Focus Junior.

The first issue of the monthly Focus Junior Star, on newsstands from 7 February, will feature a host of content on the stars of the moment, including the rapper Coez – who talks in an interview about his real passion – and an entire feature article on the Maneskin, the rock group of the moment, and the revelation of the latest edition of X-Factor. And much more: the latest trends from the world of YouTube, the challenge between the YouTuber from Naples, Vegas, who has made his passion for videogames and authentic business, and Capo Plaza, the rapper from Salerno, class of ’98.

With the augmented reality app, the young audience for Focus Junior Star can also listen to songs, video dedications by their idols and a wealth of other related images; plus a range of  background info, games and curiosities about the stars and sixteen gift posters.
Focus Junior Star will be on sale at newsstands with a cover price of €3.50. In support of the launch a advertising campaign has been organised in Mondadori Group Magazines and support through large-scale retail outlets.