Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums together for the launch of the new fragrance Amo Ferragamo

English model Suki Waterhouse and four cosmopolitan influencers are the protagonists of a special project to celebrate the passions of contemporary women

Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums have developed a special project to mark the magazine’s 80th anniversary and the launch of the new fragrance Amo Ferragamo.

Travel, fashion, self-awareness and independence are the passions of contemporary women that Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums jointly celebrate by talking about what women love. Because the Mondadori Group brand describes the contemporary world and fashion, talks to women and shares their greatest passions, the same passions to which Ferragamo has dedicated Amo Ferragamo.

The face of the new fragrance and featuring on the cover of this week’s edition of Grazia is Suki Waterhouse, the British model who symbolises the mil­lennials generation. In addition, to enhance this event, Grazia has involved four international influencers – Tatjana Catic, the London-based German fashion, fitness and beauty icon; Kristina Bazan, influencer and artist with over two million followers; Xenia Van Der Woodsen, who travels the world and lives between  Hamburg and Paris; and Marta Lozano, the Spanish socialite and fashion enthusiast, who is also enormously successful on YouTube – who will interpret on social media and other platforms the themes of the Amo Ferragamo campaign.

For this occasion, Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums have also organised a special event involving the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli, the chief executive of Ferragamo Parfums Luciano Bertinelli, the influencers  who are part of the project, as well as a number of personalities from the world of entertainment, including Fabio Volo and Johanna Maggy Hauksdottir, Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari, Camilla Raznovich, and the actresess Giulia Bevilacqua and Benedetta Porcaroli.

For its unmistakeable style, Grazia has become a point of reference for the most dynamic readers and digital communities, as well as the preferred advertising vehicle for companies in the up-scale fashion and cosmetics sectors. These strong points have enabled Grazia to evolve into an international multi-channel print-digital-social-events system with over 20 editions around the world.