Interni presents “House in Motion”

With this edition, Interni’s much-awaited exhibition event celebrates its 20th anniversary

Interni confirms its leadership in the professional living segment and in the communication of the design system:
• advertising revenues up by 8.5%
• a system of publications that distributes over 652,000 copies

HOUSE IN MOTION” is the title of the much anticipated exhibition-event conceived by the monthly magazine INTERNI, and that with this edition celebrates its first 20 years (1998-2018).
With the patronage of the City of Milan, “HOUSE IN MOTION” will run during the FuoriSalone, from 16 to 28 April, the courts of the University of Milan, at the Orto Botanico in Brera and at the Audi City Lab in Corso Venezia 11 (formerly the Seminario Arcivescovile), where INTERNI has extended the reach of its urban animation initiatives.

The Mondadori Group magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi has called on leading protagonists from the world of Italian design and designers and architects of international standing to examine the theme of the “House in Motion”, in collaboration with companies, multinationals, start-ups and institutions. The result is an extraordinary collection of over 32 exhibits, from installations (18) and design islands (14), to micro-architecture and macro-objects, all site-specific, that combine to create a mosaic of forward-looking styles and visions.

The designs interpret issues related to living and mobility which, increasingly intersect and contaminate each other to generate new lifestyles. The home becomes a place that responds to the needs of those who inhabit it and adapts to their evolution; at the same time, places of transition, stopovers and work, such as means of transport,  adopt the friendly and informal spirit of homes, in which technology has an increasingly decisive. It is an exchange that generates new behavioural models and unseen design solutions.

Massimo Iosa Ghini, with Italcer Group, has translated these ideas into a linear and open house  of ceramic panels, set in the beautiful Cortile della Farmacia, equipped with special software that transforms it into a space for social interaction and sharing (Home Co-Thinking). The Peter Pichler Architecture studio, meanwhile, has given form to an almost spacy structure made entirely of wood (Future Space) in the centre of the Cortile d’Onore, a sort of six-pointed star of organic and dynamic form. Lorenzo Damiani along with Ikea Italia Retail has designed a ‘transportable’ house, with mysterious interiors to be explored, which demonstrates the ability of the Swedish company to accompany change (Searching for Infinity). Diego Grandi, celebrates the 80th anniversary of the magazine Grazia, an international point of reference in the world of fashion, with an installation inspired by the succession of arches along the portico of Largo Richini, that will host activities and events, an open, fun and emotional space, with free entry and liked to the outside, that reflects the spirit of the magazine (Infinity Hub, a wandering place).

Among the most significant international participants is the British studio Stanton Williams Architects that with Focchi Group presents ‘Baldacchino’, a luminous pavilion in metal and plexiglass pavilion which becomes a space for a dance performance, and, from Turkey, Tabanlioglu Architects that with Nurus are proposing housEmotion an archetypal structure with vibrating borders that represents the place of origin; from which we leave in pursuit of new experiences.

Among other things, designs will be on show by Dario Curatolo with Regione Puglia, Aba-Paolo Belardi and Daniela Gerini with Regione Umbria, Davide Rampello with Jiuquitang Co., Lissoni Associati with Elisabetta Illy and Stefano Guindani, Filippo Taidelli with Universal Selecta and Casalgrande Padana, Labics with Elica, Alexander Bellman with Samsung Electronics Italia and 14 other design islands.

“INTERNI HOUSE IN MOTION” also has two co-producers: Audi, the premium brand of the Volkswagen Group, and Eni Gas e Luce, a new company of  Eni SpA for the retail sale of gas, electricity and energy solutions. Each of the main sponsors are presenting a high-impact installation, designed by internationally renowned architects and in dedicated locations: Mad Architects with Audi at the Audi City Lab, the former Seminario Arcivescovile in Corso Venezia 11, while Eni gas e luce with students from the SOS-School of Sustainability and Mario Cucinella Architects at the Orto Botanico in Brera.

Ma Yangsong from the Mad Architects Studio has designed for Audi an evocative ring of light (Fifth Ring) that hangs over and animates the courtyard of the palace in Corso Venezia 11, a mix of fog and reflections, a metaphor for the conjunction of innovation and the future, represented by on of the car manufacturer’s most surprising prototypes.

SOS-School of Sustainability and Mario Cucinella Architects meanwhile, brings the intangible beauty of energy behind the nature of the Orto Botanico in Brera, transforming the area into a smart city in which history lives alongside the most advanced urban models. Seven hundred small, well-lit and smart living units are the protagonists of an interactive space.


The music of R101, the official radio of “HOUSE IN MOTION”, will animate the evening of Friday 20 April with the music show R101 DUAL DIGITAL DJ SET featuring Aggness and Gerry Pulci while on Sunday 22, at the end of the first week of the exhibition and the FuoriSalone, an exclusive concert by the jazz pianist Danilo Rea.

The INTERNI system

In April the INTERNI integrated communication system is multiplied by six, underlining its role as the main source of information for the world of design. In fact, thanks to 4 print publications (INTERNI, INTERNI Panorama, the free press INTERNI King Size and the Guida FuoriSalone), a big event (“INTERNI HOUSE IN MOTION”) and INTERNI online (web site, app and social), the system offers tools that make it possible to be up to date in real time about trends, what’s new and previews related to the design world, making it an authentic vademecum for everyone who wants to find out about and find their way around an event that is unique in the world, the FuoriSalone.

The INTERNI system in numbers

With an appointment that gives to Milan a unique and exceptional level of visibility, the INTERNI system confirms its absolute leadership in the professional living segment with an 8.5% rise in advertising  revenues, as well as in the communication of the design system, transforming itself from a sector-based publication to a mass media platform. The brand’s strength derives from the figures that the entire INTERNI ecosystem can boast on this occasion: 55,000 copies of INTERNI, 200,000 copies of INTERNI/Panorama, 120,000 copies of INTERNI King Size, 250,000 copies of the Guida FuoriSalone, a total print run over 625,000 copies, with more than 4,000,000 readers and around 1,200 pages.

Further proof can also be seen on the territory: in fact, an important street advertising campaign is foreseen for “HOUSE IN MOTION” that includes banners in 15 locations in the centre of Milan, 1,000 flags for around 500 events, 10 shuttle bus retros, as well as totems, decorated newsstands, floor-graphics, station domination (Rho and Cadorna), windows and led walls (Megastore Mondadori in Piazza del Duomo and the Rizzoli Store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele).

To find your way around the increasingly rich panorama of appointments planned for the Milan Design Week, a must-have is the Guida FuoriSalone® – which is also available as a free app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices (tablets and smartphones) – which provides a reasoned summary of over 400 events and a day by day list of appointments involving the companies, designers and architects participating in the FuoriSalone, and the Guida Zee Milano (available only in the digital version) with a selection of new itineraries and fashionable locations around the city: from design to shopping, and from department stores to restaurants and hotels.

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