Interni presents a monographic issue United Mexican Design along with the Design Guide Mexico City/Milano

The third publishing initiative dedicated to Mexico City on the occasion of Design Week Mexico

In addition to the Italian/English, also a Spanish/English edition , with a special print run of 10,000 copies distributed in the Mexican capital

The Monography and Guide will be officially presented on 8 October at the Italian Embassy and on 11 October at the Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura

INTERNI, the Mondadori Group’s interiors and contemporary design magazine, has evolved from a print magazine into an integrated international communication system  that this month presents, for the third consecutive year, a publishing initiative on Mexico City, World Design Capital 2018; a monographic issue United Mexican Design and the Design Guide Mexico City/Milano, with the aim of exploring the country’s architecture, design and art sectors and facilitating the penetration of international Italian design in the Mexican market.

“With this issue, INTERNI completes a trilogy of monographic specials dedicated to Mexico and specifically to Mexico City, which has been designated as World Design Capital 2018 by the WDO (World Design Organization) and Ciudad Creativa de Diseño by UNESCO,” declared the editor Gilda Bojardi. “We have brought together a range of high level international guests to better understand the complex dynamics of this great metropolis which has decided to bet on design as a driver of urban and social change and we have developed a radical conviction: the theme of the CDMX WDC 2018 is socially responsible design, in terms of products, but also of processes and services. And, in the context of mutual cultural and commercial exchange, Italian know-how has the capacity to drive comparisons and the effective growth of our manufacturing industry in Mexico,” the editor concluded.

Both the monograph and the guide will be distributed in Mexico City, through bookstores, museums, schools, galleries, showrooms and hotels, with an expected special print run of 10,000 copies, which will be added to the 50,000 copies in Italian/English for international distribution. United Mexican Design and the Design Guide Mexico City/Milano will also be officially presented on 8 October at the Italian Embassy in Mexico City in the presence of the editor of INTERNI, Gilda Bojardi, and the institutional representatives – José Ramón Amieva Gálvez, head of the government, Luigi Maccotta, the Italian Ambassador, Emilio Cabrero, the director of Design Week Mexico – and, subsequently, on 11 October, at the Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura where a round table discussion will be moderated by the director of the archive, Mario Ballesteros, and with the participation of, among others, Luisa Bocchietto (President of the  World Design Organization), Emilio Cabrero (Director of the DWM and the CDMX WDC 2018 programme), Giuseppe Manenti (Director of the ICE-ITA in Mexico City), Gabriella Gómez-Mont (Director of the Laboratorio para la Ciudad), the designer Héctor Esrawe and Italian architect Mario Cucinella, to reflect on the topic of virtuous practices in architecture and design. The event will be open to designers from across the world, companies, foundations and public institutions.

INTERNI United Mexican Design and the “Design Guide Mexico City/Milano”

The 264-page monograph INTERNI United Mexican Design will present the most recent work of some of the leading protagonists of Mexican architecture as well as that of designers, graphic-designer and artists. The principal itinerary of the projects: from hospitality locations to public spaces (museums, cultural centres, parks, schools, shops, workshops, social and eco-sustainable initiatives) that make Mexico City the World Design Capital 2018.  Looking at the current situation, there will be a special section dedicated to products, as well as ideas and trends and an encounter the experience and testimony of leading figures. with a focus on Design Building: from multi-brands to single-brand flagship stores, to meet with Italian entrepreneurs operating in Mexico, large-scale Mexican distributors of Italian design; a detailed examination of the market logic, the most appreciated items, strategies and reasons for success.

Also this year, inside the bi-lingual Spanish/English edition of the monograph, there will also be the Design Guide Mexico City Milano (in support of the irreplaceable FuoriSalone guide for Milan in the context of the INTERNI system). The guide is an integral part of this issue of the magazine with 40 pages and a selection of over 350 unmissable locations in Mexico City – art and design galleries, museums, hotels, restaurants, schools. Extensive space is also give to the Flagshipstore section featuring where both single brand and multistore where it is possible to find the best products from the Italian design sector. A great opportunity for international architects, entrepreneurs and designers to meet and promote their products.