Mondadori Group: book activities under a single business area

Antonio Porro new Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., a company chaired by Ernesto Mauri

In order to address the challenges of the book market in a more effective and innovative manner – a market deemed both crucial and strategic for its development – today the Mondadori Group has adopted a new organizational structure hinged on a single business area covering the whole range of book activities, from the trade area to school textbooks, from illustrated books and international publications to art and exhibitions.

Forecasts on the book business show that overall revenue in 2017 will top the 500 million euro mark, with profitability in excess of 14%.

The new structure, which has already been adopted by the main players also on the international level, is implemented two years after the heavy investments made in the acquisition of Rcs Libri and represents the starting point of a new phase: the Mondadori Group aims in fact not only to strengthen its leadership in its segments of operation, but also to seize every opportunity for growth on the domestic and foreign markets.

This strategic goal is based on the remarkable results achieved by Books over the past few years, thanks to the people who serve the Group with their outstanding professional qualities, dedication and love for books.

Head of the new area is Antonio Porro, who has also been appointed Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., a company chaired by Ernesto Mauri, CEO of the Group.

Enrico Selva Coddè, current Managing Director of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., for the Trade area, in his areas of responsibility, now adds the Electa activities for the Books area, the General Manager of which is Stefano Peccatori, who has also been appointed manager of the Sperling&Kupfer and Piemme publishers.

Enrico Selva Coddè remains at the helm of Mondadori, Einaudi, Rizzoli and the Children’s Business Unit, in the traditional policy of competitiveness and clear-cut identity and total independence of each publishing brand.

Still reporting to Antonio Porro: Aaron Buttarelli, General Manager Mondadori Education, Publishing area; Danilo Galimberti, General Manager Mondadori Education, Sales area; Giovanni Bonfanti, General Manager Rizzoli Education; Rosanna Cappelli, General Manager Art, Exhibitions, Electa Museums; Marco Ausenda, Managing Director Rizzoli International Publication.

Gian Arturo Ferrari will continue to offer his publishing advice to the new Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., Antonio Porro.