Raffaele Leone new editor-in-chief of Panorama

Raffaele Leone is to step in on 1° February as new editor-in-chief of the magazine Panorama.

57, from Catania, Raffaele Leone started his career on the news desk of the daily La Sicilia. After that, he joined the editorial staff of the daily Indipendente and then moved to Il Giornale in 1994 where, among other things, he was chief news editor and head of the Rome editorial staff, until becoming central chief editor. In 2006, he was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of Grazia. Since 2007, he has been deputy editor-in-chief of Panorama, and was named executive deputy editor-in-chief in 2009.

The Mondadori Group wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to Giorgio Mulè – who has decided to embark on a new personal endeavour – for the passion, enthusiasm, outstanding professional qualities and spirit of innovation that has driven his work for 20 years in Segrate.