Studenti.It celebrates 20 years: helping students get through their high school exams since 1998 is Italy’s leading digital brand in the Education segment,
a 100% “Millennial-Z” hub with 4 million unique users every month

The 20th June sees the start of the final high school diploma exams in Italy, commonly known as the “maturità”, and once again this year – the Mondadori Group brand leader in Education sector market with 4 million unique users per  month (source: Audiweb, January 2018) – is working with students to help them pass this important moment. boasts 20 years of experience having been launched in 1998 as a pass-notes database to help students to exchange study materials: the site has grown alongside the Millennials and Generation Z, young people now aged between 10 and 20, who have never known a world without the internet and that are the core audience for the brand. Since the beginning, the site has seen its offer expand enormously, with the addition of content edited by researchers and university professors, a constant flow of news and information about the world of schools, dissertation summaries, exam tools and simulations and a range of other supporting materials, making a total of some 50,000 documents in the archive.

In a now consolidated tradition, also this year, in the days of the written exams (20, 21 and 25 June) will run non-stop live coverage of the maturità from 7am to 8pm: with real-time updates and comments from experts and tutors in different subjects who will provide assessments of the outlines proposed by the Miur, as well as developing simulations to be published at the end of each exam. On the field, the team will interview students outside the schools, before and after the exams, to gather immediate reactions and comments to be added to the flow of news on the site.

Listening to the views and needs of those directly affected is part of the constant efforts made by to get as close as possible to the maturità: for example, online surveys using questionnaires on the site and on social media have in recent months brought together the opinions of more than 52,000 students facing the maturità this year on various issues related to the exam (study techniques, the use of technology, progress assessments, managing nerves, “outlines”), surveys that have been picked up and reproduced by local and national newspapers, as well as on the radio and the web.

An important new feature this year was the involvement of popular webstars, such as Frank Matano, Favij, Sofia Viscardi and Salvatore Aranzulla, who took part in live interviews and video spots on Facebook with a reach that so far has totalled 1 million people: the participants shared news and anecdotes about their experiences of the maturità, along with useful advice and tips for getting through the exam and also dealing with what happens after the exam, when adult life really begins.

Also on Facebook, where the page has over 466,000 fans and continues to grow, a dedicated “Maturità 2018” group has recorded an authentic boom in subscriptions: 40,000 students (three times more than last year, the widest group about the exam in Italy). Through the group, moderated by the team, students can come into contact with each other in the search for tips about the exam, to let off steam in moments of difficulty but also to offer their own creative qualities and share know-how: what will come out in the Italian exam? How to prepare the perfect cover for your dissertation? What software to use? How to set out a conceptual map? How does the credits and bonus system work? Does anyone know the external examiners on my commission? These are just some of the topics that ring round schools across the country in a normal day of students preparing to face the maturità in 2018.

The seasonal peak of traffic is an opportunity for many companies and brands to communicate with a young audience in a qualitative context, also by integrating the site’s social platforms into advertising plans.