Confidenze: a special Issue with the best stories on the of “Secrets”

On newsstands from 22 October, the most interesting stories selected from the ConfyLab writing laboratory

Confidenze, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Angelina Spinoni and for more than 70 years a point of reference for an enthusiastic audience of female readers, present a special issue dedicated to the most exciting stories about secrets, produced thanks to the writing laboratory “ConfyLab”.

Over the summer, two coaches, the writers Annalucia Lomunno and Silvia Montemurro, read, revised and selected around 150 real stories told in the first person on the theme of secrets. As the editor of the magazine confirmed: “We received a great many stories about families, but also very personal things not said, often related to a highly emotional moment in someone’s life: from a surprising reaction to the collapse of the Morandi Bridge to the revelation of a hidden talent.”

Of the 150 stories that passed the scrutiny of the “coaches”, 15 were selected for publication in the special edition, on newsstands from 22 October, that Confidenze, has devoted to Confylab. The others will appear, in the middle of the magazine, in subsequent issues and will enhance the content of the blog

Enrica Bonaccorti is the protagonist of the cover, face of the TV program ‘Ho qualcosa da dirti’ that gives voice to someone who has to say something important to someone, including revelations, excuses, thanks and secrets.

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