Donna Moderna launches 50&me

As they approach 50 women feel and are in the middle of their personal and social lives, but also have to face challenges and contradictions that are among the most challenging in their existence. It is an age that is lived with pride and naturalness, but also often with the need to juggle a thousand demands between work and the family.

Donna Moderna, the women’s weekly edited by Annalisa Monfreda has developed the 50&me project to provide a response to the many issues raised, which range from beauty to work, health and caregiving and many more.

50, a turning point. How to face it in order to enjoy it and deal with the complexities? The Mondadori Group brand responds to the many questions raised with articles, videos and a Facebook live campaign dedicated to the most engaging issues for women in this period of their lives.

“Women reach the age of 50 full of energy and expectations. They feel that they still have much to give to society and are not ready to resign themselves to the role of mere spectators. Our project aims to give such women the tools they need to continue to be protagonists,” announced the editor, Annalisa Monfreda.

A large number of companies have already been brought on board by the advertising sales company Mediamond, with native and content marketing projects.

Starting with beauty: 50 is the new 30 for women. But sometimes the mirror doesn’t reflect the image of energy and vitality that one feels: a tired face and a body that begins to show small signs of wear. And it is here that the latest generation of cosmetics and new technology can be of help. With the contribution of experts from BioNike, 50&me wants to offer women concrete and practical beauty advice. This historic Italian dermocosmetic company has forever been involved in scientific and dermatological research and, with Donna Moderna, will address the theme of resilience, in other words “the capacity to absorb impact without breaking”. A concept used initially in physics, and subsequently in psychology, that seems like a made to measure definition for women.

The issue of work is also crucial for women in their fifties: in fact the number of women in this age group is increasing in companies. And work is still important for them, and yet only a very small proportion feel that their talents are used to the full: they often feel lost and in objective difficulty. This why the project – in collaboration with Gruppo Adecco – will also address the issue of repositioning in the workplace and reverse mentoring and the value that women bring within an organisation.

Women also live longer than men, but their health is often more precarious due to both biological and hormonal factors. In this area the50&me project is supported by Protein SA, that will enable us to examine issues related to prevention and integration with its key product Colpropur, which is new to the Italian market. The natural, hydrolysed collagen-based product is used for the preservation of joints, bones, muscles and skin.

The initiative, which will run until the end of the year, will also take a close look at the issue of caregiving (for those who also have to look after aging parents), with information about legal tools for the protection of caregivers, associations around the country that provide support and welfare services provided by companies. And, finally, extensive coverage will also be given to dietary and lifestyle advice for the over-50s, as well as economic and financial advice in order to manage the future in the best way possible, and much more.

50&me is also online with a special on that looks in detail at the issues covered in the magazine, with advice and suggestions for how to make the best of your age and looking closely at all of the opportunities and services available for women. All of these issues will also be addressed on a daily basis in the newsletter Un caffè con Donna Moderna.

A series of videos and interviews will be available live on social channels in which experts will discuss and respond to readers’ questions.

Donna Moderna, Italy’s leading network for women, is an ecosystem that through the magazine, web and social media channels, embraces a digital audience of 13 million unique users every month (Source: Audiweb TDA November 2018) and reaches 3.5 million readers each month (Source: Audipress 2018/II) to which should be added the more than 1,100,000 fans on Facebook, over 500,000 followers on Twitter and 150,000 on Instagram.