Donna Moderna launches “Corri con noi” (Run with us)

  • An initiative dedicated to women who want to start running, those you already run and want to improve and expert runners who want to share their passion and experience
  • The project, which will start in March and run until November, includes training sessions around the country, the possibility of enrolling for national competitions and a final challenge in the Moroccan desert

Donna Moderna, the Mondadori Group brand that is the market leader in the women’s segment is launching Corri con noi (Run with us).

After the great success of the Donna Moderna Negev Adventure – an initiative aimed at women who wanted to overcome their running limits– the brand aims to strengthen the community that revolves around a passion for running. But why running? Because it is not just a sport, but a way of helping women to become more aware of their potential, their strengths and make them more safe, improve their mood and stave of day-to-day stress.

If you want to be a part of the Donna Moderna runner crew and find a group of friends to run with, from this month, Donna Moderna has organised: training sessions in 8 Italian cities, the opportunity to enrol in national races and to join together to face new challenges, as well as the chance to participate, with the magazine’s team, in a concluding run, the Iriki Adventure in Morocco.

“Running offers a great way to build self-esteem and discipline. When done in a group, as well as being much more fun, it helps us to understand how every obstacle is easier to overcome when there are two or more of us. Run with us is an important chapter in the path of female empowerment that we are pursuing,” declared Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

The training sessions around the country will start on Monday 25 March in 8 Italian cities: Milan, Turin, Padua, Parma, Pescara, Napoli, Catania and Palermo. In each city there will be an opportunity to compare yourself with one of the five runners from the Donna Moderna Negev Adventure who have become the ambassadors of the initiative: Elisa Adorni, Arianna Bianchini, Eleonora Suizzo, Francesca Valassi, and  Federica Verdoya.

The athletes will be able to share with participants the emotions of their efforts, their development path and the aggregation values of Donna Moderna. The programme includes a total of 28 training sessions in each city (from March to mid-July, and from September to November).

Participants will be divided into four groups based on the level of preparation and followed by a qualified coach, and will train regularly from wee to week.

Enrolment (which costs a total of €35 for 28 training sessions, plus a medical certificate), gives you a kit with personalised Corri con noi  T-shirt and bag, as well as ad hoc per discounts for enrolment in a 5 national runs for all levels and the chance to join together to create a team spirit across Italy (28 April Padua Half Marathon, 11 May Capo D’Orlando, 13 July Bettelmatt Val Formazza, 6 September Roma by Night and 22 September Hipporun Torino).  In addition, it will also be possible to sign up for the Morocco run at favourable conditions.

The final challenge, will take place in the Moroccan desert from 19 to 30 October: 50 miles among the dunes of Erg Chegaga with four stages, on different terrain every day. Challenging , undulating tracks, constantly changing horizons, breath-taking sunsets: this is the experience that participants can expect by taking part in the run.

The 2018 ambassadors, along with the five new names that the brand will identify across the arc of this year’s initiative, and the editor of Donna Moderna, will be the ‘godmothers’ of the initiative.

The Iriki Adventure is open to all women, both experienced runners and beginners, all you need is a valid medical certificate at enrolment. Four days will be dedicated to the run and two to discovering the territory.

You can follow the entire initiative on all of the brand’s social channels with the official hashtag #corriconnoi. Plus, the magazine will also report on the training sessions and the national runs.

The web site, with the special will follow the training sessions around the country, with full information about signing up for the different stages and to take part in the Moroccan experience, bringing the excitement and emotions of the runners to life with live coverage.

The print, web and social campaign has been curated by Wave Maker.

Donna Moderna, Italy’s leading women’s network, is an ecosystem that through the magazine,  web and social channels, embraces a digital audience 13 million unique users every month (Source: Audiweb TDA November 2018) and reaches 3.5 million readers per month (Source: Audipress 2018/II) to which is added over 1.1 million fans on Facebook, over 500,000 followers on Twitter and 142,000 on Instagram.

Running with us as partners in the initiative: HS Sportswear, with the Heart and Soul clothing collection, designed and made in Italy, and which combines fashion design with the most advanced technologies in the production of technical fabrics for sport; Salvelox with Salvelox patches and its line dedicated to the feet; Tescoma a world leader in the kitchen utensils market with the Purity line of drinks bottles perfect for sport.”

The project is open to all companies interested in contacting a female audience in process of aggregation and empowerment alongside Donna Moderna.