GialloZafferano continues to grow through innovation and a focus on wellbeing

  • Online now, a new channel dedicated to healthy eating and with a completely new look and feel across the entire site
  • Italy’s number one food media brand becomes the first “vocal” cooking site in the country with the integration of Google Assistant

GialloZafferano, the Mondadori Group brand and a cookery point of reference for 14 million Italian every month (Source: Audiweb 2.0, January 2019) and 7 million fans on social networks, form today is further expanding the content on its site with the inauguration of a new “Wellbeing” channel.

A section featuring over 800 recipes selected on the basis of ingredients and cooking methods, further enhanced with useful nutritional information for those who want to dedicate more attention to and awareness about the food they eat every day.

The new area, characterised by the colour green, aims to give voice to the latest trends in food, while developing the relationship between wellbeing and diet that is increasingly desired by  the food lovers of GialloZafferano: the majority of the fans on the Facebook page in other words, the “green enthusiasts” interested in the link between fitness and wellness, and 1 in 3 fans who express a particular interest in biological and vegetarian food

The brand new section of the site is completed with a  Good to know column, where, for the first time, in addition to recipes, GialloZafferano accompanies users in the preparation of dishes with information and background detail that cut across the entire are of dietary wellbeing, following the seasons and the beneficial properties of ingredients and the trend for “free from” and “rich in” products. A combination of articles, ideas and references to selected recipes guaranteed by the supervision of a biological nutritionist.

A new look, a fresh style and a range of integrated content to enhance the rest of the site. All of the 4.400 GialloZafferano recipes complete with information regarding calories and fundamental nutritional value, and for every dish, indications regarding intolerances and special dietary needs: e.g. gluten-free, lactose-free, low-nickel, vegetarian.

And the brand’s evolution and innovation doesn’t stop here as, after having been a pioneer with the introduction of Virtual Cooking Assistants, thanks to the widespread existence of devices that are compatible with  digital assistants, GialloZafferano will also become Italy’s primo “vocal” cooking site able to “talk” to its users thanks to the direct integration of Google Assistant.

In fact, from today, Google Assistat will be able to read all of the recipes on the site, offering users the chance to cook easily and comfortably without leaving the cooker. All you have to do is to click of the special key to activate assisted preparation and you can celebrate any special occasion with the perfect dish.


And for advertisers, the new channel responds to the current shelf offer of a great many food products inspired by the concept of wellbeing: biological, gluten-free, low-fat, etc. And companies can benefit from the precise delivery of display formats in closely aligned contexts, as well as finding numerous ideas for native visibility, content advertising and projects.

The launch of the new GialloZafferano will also involve Danone Activia in the role of main sponsor, exclusively for the whole of the first week.

In support of the launch a B2B and B2C has been planned with the creativity once again overseen by the agency Casiraghi Greco &, and using digital titles, social and print outlets in the sector, the iDD out of home circuit as well as the in target principal brands of the Mondadori Group.