Grazia presents Future – Made in Grazia, new collectors’ edition

Grazia, the Mondadori Group weekly edited by Silvia Grilli and point of reference for fashion and a voice for news-related issues, presents Future – Made in Grazia, a collectors’ edition entirely dedicated to the future: what fashion, art, design, technology, architecture has in store for us, and the new scenarios that characterise all aspects of our lives.

After having celebrated Italian talent and beauty in the previous collectors’ issue, this new special  edition looks at the future through the words and images of some of the most innovative, experimental and visionary protagonists. A splendid coffee table book, in Italian and English, available from newsstands and selected bookshops from 19 February in Italy, in major European capitals and in New York.

“The world around us has changed very rapidly,” observes Silvia Grilli in her editorial. “We are both players and spectators of the digital revolution that is transforming our lives. Human intelligence is no longer exclusive and is ceding space to artificial intelligence. Female and male are losing their monopoly as non-binary emerges, the third sex option already on enrolment forms in American schools allowing non-binary people who do not identify as female or male, or feel that they are a combination of both.”

But that’s not all. Beauty, also for models, will increasingly be less a question of proportions and much more to do with commitment and activism, as discussed by two protagonist like Ruth Bell and Nicole Atieno. Women will finally have to claim full autonomy, as the great Serbian artist Marina Abramovic says. Meanwhile, the cinema will increasingly engage with civil rights issues, as the Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins suggests. And a new ecological consciousness will develop through brand new projects to protect the environment, as the environmental artist  Anne de Carbuccia  explains in her intense reportage.

Also the spaces and objects of our life will change. As Carlo Ratti, one of the great scholars of innovation as applied to urban spaces explains, the ideal city will be one where allotments and gardens will replace car parks. Design materials will be cultivated as living organisms and no longer as industrial products, as the international designer Patricia Urquiola shows. While art will explore the imaginations of black artists, of all genders, that until now have not received the recognition they deserve, as can be seen from the work of painter Elizabeth Colomba.

But what are we to do with all this future? Will we be able to handle our second identities constructed for the digital communities where we have found an escape from routine? What will happen to our data, our videos, our photos, all of which will remain forever in the endless ocean of the web? Will we be able to control artificial intelligence? And where will the new limits be in a real world that wants to erect walls but on the web knows no frontiers?

These and other questions are addressed by the protagonists of Future – Made in Grazia, with stories, interviews and stunning images able to give us an advance peek at the great revolutions of a future that is very near and affects us all.

Published in Italy since 1938, Grazia is today the only  100% Italian fashion magazine distributed around the world, from France to Great Britain, and from Mexico to China and Australia. It is a brand that has managed to accompany generations of women thanks to a unique formula that combines  fashion, beauty and current affairs. News, investigations and background on issues of the greatest interest, along with exclusive features, a visionary style in the shots of great photographers and interviews with world-famous personalities, thanks to an ongoing dialogue with major players on the international scene and a privileged relationship with celebrities, top models and designers.