In GialloZafferano 15 new recipes and a Master Class by Iginio Massari

Giallo Zafferano Master Class Iginio Massari

GialloZafferano, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference for Italians in the kitchen, is enhancing its web site with a new recipe section, created in collaboration with Iginio Massari, himself a point of reference in Italian pastry making.

The project includes a collection of 15 dessert reipes: to the 8 that are already online on the site will be added others week by week, created by the master pastry chef directly in the GialloZafferano kitchen.

Plus, on 12 November, Iginio Massari will be the star of a Master Class dedicated to pastry cream: and the maestro will use the social media channels of GialloZafferano to answer the questions and doubts of the community about this type of preparation.

With this collaboration, the brand, which has some 13 million unique users, will reinforce its relationship with leading high-end Italian chefs, master pastry chefs and bakers. The illustrious pastry chef, who is also currently involved in the opening of a new boutique in Turin, was judged to be the best in the world during the World Pastry Stars 2019, the international congress of high-end pastry-making.

All of the master pastry chef’s recipes will be available also on the social media channels of GialloZafferano and optimised for the smart speakers  Google Assistant and Alexa.