Sale&Pepe: cooking becomes more exciting and refined

A new look for the magazine from November

Sale&Pepe, the Mondadori Group brand, which for thirty years has brought pleasure to the table thanks to exclusive and refined gastronomic ideas, has been revamped, become even more special, rich and of the moment.

From November, the magazine, edited by Laura Maragliano, will focus on emotions, with a contemporary design, exciting photographs and the uniqueness of Italian excellence, covering the territory, products and companies from the world of Made in Italy, a unique and balanced overview of elegance and simplicity.

“With this redesign Sale&Pepe shows that it is always with the times,” Maragliano explained, “without betraying the character of a magazine dedicated to people who love good cooking and everything that surrounds the culture of food.”

The images will have more space and a more engaging effect, with new, sophisticated and elegant  typefaces, easier to read texts and recipes, close-ups and more creative and curated pages.

Sale&Pepe will also be enhanced by new features and columns dedicated to wine, extra-virgin olive oil, objects for the table and domestic appliances, territorial excellence and sustainability.