The Mondadori Group launches uARe, an augmented reality platform for interactive experiences

The Mondadori Group has announced the launch of uARe, a new tool for the creation of augmented reality content, produced together with Focus, the brand that is an international point of reference in popular science and entertainment.

The platform was developed thanks to support from the Innovation Fund of Google’s Digital News Initiative won by Focus and which has certified the leadership of the Mondadori Group brand in the management of interactive content and experiences.

uARe, developed in collaboration with the technological partner Magma, is a solution that comprise of a platform for the development and layout of cloud-based AR content and a customisable mobile application for each client through which it is possible to access interactive and immersive experiences.

It is now much easier to create and put on the page 360° videos and photos, 3D animations 3D and audio content. uARe is characterised by an easy-to-use interface, the speed of the productive workflow, dashboard analytic marketing with data on the use of the experiences, geo-tracking of AR experiences and shared functions on the main social networks.

The platform, with which the Mondadori Group will innovate the augmented reality market, is ideal for use in a range of sectors, from publishing to education, as well as retail, communication and events.