The new Starbene: the magazine that inspires your wellbeing

Starbene, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference in the world of wellness, from this week will have a new look and more contemporary and inspirational content, in line with the philosophy of self-care as a lifestyle.

Lighter backgrounds and a more airy layout give the new magazine a mindfulness inspired look, with more focus on the content that is highlighted by new pastel colours to facilitate a more harmonious reading, consistent with the healthy lifestyle promoted by the brand.

The new Starbene will reach an even broader and younger audience, with the extension of the reach also to the under-40sm engaging and stimulating their curiosity also on social networks, in particular, on Instagram, through tips and suggestions from the good mood psychologist, short videos about diet, nature-related images, and mindfulness stories and. graphics.

The magazine will also capture the attention of readers thanks to the involvement of new protagonists, such as influencers from the wellness sector and athletes, as well as the established contributions from the doctors who have always featured in the weekly.

“Starbene will continue to count on the advice and support of over 40 doctors, guaranteeing up-to-date scientific authoritativeness and reliability. While at the same time opening up to the world of influencers, able to more effectively engage readers, who feel they are closer to them. The magazine has also assembled a team of 12 social ambassador who will produce absolutely new content for the title and amplify the message through their communities,” underlined Annalisa Monfreda, the editor of Starbene.

The 12 influencers, among some of the best-known in the wellbeing sector, will, over the weeks, talks to readers and users about sport, food, health and wellbeing. The athletes will engage and attract readers to their world with a female-based empowerment, tanging from their relationship with beauty and fashion, diet and physical activity. For the first time, the Starbene experts will have more space to give advice, suggestions and reflections while examining issues of general interest in the field of health, along with solutions, remedies and explanations.

The new Starbene will also have new sections, enhanced with interviews, at three speeds, that will be developed inside the magazine: an initial section, focusing on quick easy to read news, a central section for short background details, and the final section, with columns and feature to cut out and keep.

The magazine will also express its content through special multi-channel projects and events with the participation of bloggers and influencers.

The launch will be supported by an advertising campaign developed by the Wavemaker agency, across print media, web sites, social media and direct marketing.