The selection process predominantly takes place via individual interviews that focus on assessing personal, motivational and technical/specialist traits based on the various positions to be filled. The process consists of an initial meeting with the Group’s Human Resources and Organisation directors, as well as a more in-depth interview with the relevant department’s directors.

The main criteria used in the candidate selection process include assessment of degree curricula, professional experience and skills, potential skills, IT skills and familiarity with the English language.

We also place a special focus on a keen interest in our business, as well as exceptional interrelation, organisational and problem solving skills. We value enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Other key values include a proactive attitude, a spirit of initiative, an ability to work in a team and a desire to take on increasing responsibility, including in international contexts.

Mondadori offers a complex environment that contains numerous professional roles. Because of this, we are looking for candidates with a variety of academic backgrounds. In any case, we generally place greater consideration on candidates with humanities degrees for the publishing, editorial, communications and human resources departments; economics and engineering degrees for the management, finance and auditing, marketing and sales departments; and web, digital and multimedia study backgrounds.

A Master’s degree or postgraduate diploma is a key component considered during the selection process.

As part of the Group’s continuing internationalisation process, preference will be given to candidates possessing experience working or studying abroad and with knowledge of one or more foreign languages.

For interviews, it is recommended that candidates familiarise themselves with the position in question as well as the company as much as possible. They should also practice discussing their CVs.

New graduates receive placement through paid internships during which they will become familiar with the company and its work, all whilst working alongside and receiving the guidance of a mentor. Internships play a key role in deepening their knowledge of the Group, bringing into play their professional skills and giving them concrete work experience.