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From the eponymous publishing brand to the brands that have recently come on board, there are more than 50 publishing houses and imprints dedicated to the world of books, from literary fiction to non-fiction, from art books to children’s books, from university and school textbooks to leisure reading.


Our network of over 500 shops throughout the country is the leading bookselling network in Italy.

With 3 different store formats, with a range of signs to suit every need – Mondadori Megastore for large areas with a diversified product range, Mondadori Bookstore for bookshops and Mondadori Point for developed kiosks – and 4 distribution channels (directly managed and franchised bookshops, e-commerce and book clubs), we serve more than 20 million customers every year.

Media: magazine and digital

Discover our unique proposal of quality vertical content: from paper to web, from apps to events, from social to TV formats.