Find out about our publishing brands, magazines and sites, and about the network of bookstores and other activities online and on the ground.


From the publishing brand that lends its name to the Group as a whole to the brands that have entered into its activities more recently: we have more than 50 publishing houses and imprints in the world of books range from literary fiction to essays, from illustrated art books to books for children, and from university and school textbooks to reading as escapism and entertainment.


Our network of more than 500 locations throughout Italy constitutes the country’s main network of bookstores.

With 3 different store formats, under different brands and suited to every requirement – Mondadori Megastore for large settings, with an extensive product offering, Mondadori Bookstore for bookstores and Mondadori Point for advanced newsstands – and 4 sales channels (bookstores managed directly and franchises, e-commerce and bookclub), we serve more than 20 million customers each year.

Media: magazines and digital

Discover our unique range of quality vertical content: from paper to the web, from apps to events, from social media to TV formats.