CasaFacile launches the first edition of the digital festival “La Casa dei Sogni”

From 7 April to 7 May, a month of initiatives on social media and the CasaFacile web site with ideas about the new demands for contemporary living

On newsstands a special issue of the magazine with coverage of what we want for our homes

On the advertising side CasaFacile confims its role as the player di of reference in the consumer interiors sector: +42% in terms of space in April compared with last year

Tomorrow sees the start of “La Casa dei Sogni” (Dream Homes), the first digital festival dedicated to homes developed by CasaFacile, the magazine edited by Francesca Magni.

A month of initiatives that will continue until May 7 on the Instagram and Facebook channels, discussing our dreams for our homes and to enable the community of the Mondadori Group brand – which today has 1.1 million followers, up 56% compared with March 2020 – to discover how it is possible to improve our quality of life by redesigning the spaces in which we live.

“Today we live in two worlds: the real one, made up of concrete things, in which we exercise all five of our senses, and the virtual one where the senses we use are sight and hearing, but the things that happen are just as real, such as the choices of what to buy that we can make through the web and social networks. From this awareness CasaFacile has created this Festival to accompany readers in the construction and design of their own Dream Home. With original and accessible ideas and solutions, we want to tell our community that a Dream Home could easier to achieve than you think and sometimes all you need to do is break a habit,” said Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile.

The “La Casa dei Sogni” Festival will feature completely new and dynamic video formats, which will inform the community about solutions, projects and quality products selected by CasaFacile and curated by the team of bloggers, interior designers and architects that collaborates with the magazine.
A range of appointments: from Beautiful & Possible ways to furnish all sorts of spaces with systems that are transformed according to different needs during the day and Styling Competitions. And also School of Style to learn how to use, position and combine a product, as well as dream designs for the home and outdoors.

The La Casa dei Sogni story continues also in the magazine. Greener, brighter, more colourful, more relaxing, more functional and with a super kitchen: these are the six dreams that will be realised in six designs, forming the heart of the special issue of CasaFacile on newsstands this month. A journey around six ideas with lots of practical suggestions, columns and tricks to give shape to new desires and styles of living. The pages of the magazine will also feature buying guides and many accessible ideas and solutions to copy for our homes.

All the content of the Festival and the magazine’s insights will also be available in a dedicated section on the website.

A cross-media storytelling developed across all the brand’s channels thanks to a range of content and initiatives with which CasaFacile responds to the ever-evolving needs of its readers, reaching a total audience (magazine and website) of 979,000 users every month.

CasaFacile confirms its role as the player of reference in the consumer interiors sector in 2021. Thanks to the “La Casa dei Sogni” project, the brand has consolidated the very positive advertising trend of the first quarter with +42% in terms of space sold in April, bringing the cumulative growth in the first four months of the year to +15% compared with 2020, and marking clear increase in market share in its segment (+3%).

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