Creation of the Diversity & Inclusion function

The Mondadori Group has set up a Diversity & Inclusion function, assigned to Francesca Rigolio as Chief Diversity Officer. Rigolio is tasked with valorising gender, age and skill diversity and promoting inclusivity in the workplace, to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to express their opinions and talents and make a significant and personal contribution to the challenges facing Mondadori.

Increasingly regarded as important sustainability levers, diversity and inclusion are carefully assessed by everyone: consumers, institutions, the financial community, key stakeholders. In other words, by the community of which the company is an integral part. This is the starting point from which the Mondadori Group will become a workplace characterised by a drive for innovation, open discussion and widespread responsibility, where each individual can bring their unique characteristics. It has been shown that companies that offer everyone real opportunities for professional and economic growth also have a greater propensity for innovation, a more positive working environment and better performance.

The new function will work systematically to collect the data needed to analyse and manage phenomena such as the gender pay gap and the co-existence of different generations in the workplace and promote growth paths open to everyone, fostering the development of interfunctional projects that embrace business challenges and the diversity culture. Using her knowledge of the company and her experience with the Human Resources department, Francesca Rigolio will focus on people development with special attention to gender, age and skill diversity.

11 May 2021