Grazia, for the first time Laura Pausini will be the guest editor of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli

An extraordinary issue dedicated to the strength of being unique

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with over 20 editions around the world, launches an extraordinary issue with Laura Pausini for the first time in the role of guest editor of a magazine.

This special edition of the weekly edited by Silvia Grilli, is dedicated to uniqueness, like many of the unique people the singer has met in her life: from Sophia Loren to the mothers who raise their children to become special people, and from the workers in music to nurses. An issue that Grazia dedicates to all its readers.

Silvia Grilli said: “This extraordinary issue of Grazia is dedicated to the many unique people that Laura Pausini has met in her life, but above all it is dedicated to all of you who are going to read it. Because each of you has within you the beauty and strength of your difference. Every one of you is unique.”

And Grazia will be on newsstands with two covers Due le covers: two extraordinary shots that immortalise Laura Pausini, a star symbol of Italian-ness known and loved all over the world, in the unique context of Rome by night, the scene for an exclusive fashion shoot.

The most acclaimed Italian outside of Italy opens up to Silvia Grilli in a long and intimate interview in which she reveals a great deal about herself, her frailties and her discipline, the acceptance of her body and her special relationship with Paolo Carta and her daughter Paola who helped her to discover her uniqueness.

And this special issue has been edited directly by Laura Pausini, with the help of the entire editorial team of Grazia: the singer converses with Sophia Loren with whom she worked on the song “Io Sì”. The song is the main theme of “The Life Ahead/ La vita davanti a sé”, the film directed by Edoardo Ponti, available on Netflix from 13 November. Loren also stars in the music video for Laura’s song, a candidate for an Oscar nomination.

Laura wanted many of the personalities that appear in the issue to be interviewed by special names. Mika, for example, with whom the singer collaborated for a benefit concert to help those affected by the explosion on 4 August in her hometown. In the pages of Grazia Mika explains how identifying with the pain of others is the first step to overcoming difficulties.

Ambra Angiolini intervenes in this issue with a unique and exclusive piece written by her for the magazine, in which she talks about the path she took that led her being accepted by her most severe judge: herself. Also interviewed in the issue are Greta Thunberg, the only girl to have started a global movement to stop global warming and the superlative Bebe Vio, who has shown how with training and perseverance you can also overcome a serious illness, live with prostheses and win an Olympic gold medal.

There are also contributions from Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of Lamborghini and the next boss of Formula One, Spotify’s Italian boss Federica Tremolada is interviews by TikToker Elisa Maino, writer Antonio Dikele Distefano, who talks about racism, and many more.

There is also space in the issue for big surveys. From a reportage on music workers left with no concerts, to nurses (female and male) in Italian hospitals and violence against women in a time of lockdowns and a focus on the microbiome, a secret resource for our health.

Fashion and beauty reflect Laura’s tastes, from oversized coats to knitwear with chains, to daring make-up. Laura reveals a number of curiosities to her many fans: the 10 records she would never part with, the accessories, clothes and design pieces she likes, a place where she spent a special holiday and her style icons.

“The offer to edit an issue of Grazia was a real surprise. It is also a bit of a challenge that I was happy to accept to try to bring a few hours of enjoyable entertainment to readers at this difficult time. Thanks Silvia, really, you allowed me to enjoy a special experience, when I thought I had experienced practically everything … you came and made me crazy with curiosity. Honestly, I can’t wait to hear the first reactions! Enjoy it, take your mind off everything and join this journey with me, who knows if you will like it? In fact, let me know, because this kind of commitment, just like when you sing or write a song, has no value if you can’t share it.” declared Laura Pausini.

Tomorrow, Thursday 5 November, at 4 pm, the singer will for the first time be the protagonist of a live Instagram event in which, together with the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli, she will talk about the project in which she is the guest editor of a magazine.

The fashion feature and the Laura Pausini interview will also be published in the international editions of Grazia in Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria, Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

Also on this occasion, Grazia confirms its role as a multi-channel brand, able to evolve thanks to its always current look towards the future. Today the communication platform of Grazia has a total audience of 4.3 million people between readers and users (Source: Media Impact Data Fusion based on Audiweb – Audipress data in December 2019), as well as 350,000 followers on Instagram and almost 1 million fans on Facebook.