Mondadori Store launches the new edition of “Libri da indossare”: an exclusive limited-edition tote bag for all book lovers inspired by “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”

A gift for readers who buy two books from publishers Einaudi, Fabbri Editori, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Mondadori Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling & Kupfer in Mondadori bookstores taking part in the initiative and from between 29 July and 17 August 2022

For the summer holiday season, Mondadori Store, Italy’s largest bookstore network, is launching the new edition of “Libri da indossare”, the special initiative dedicated to the pleasure of reading and people who want to lose themselves in the emotions of the books they love.

For people for whom reading is a passion, Mondadori Store has produced a new collection of cotton Tote Bags in a limited edition inspired by Richard Bach’s best-seller “Jonathan Livingston Seagull, to offer a pleasurable opportunity for relaxation immersed in the pages of a good book, with an authentic and distinctive style.

The Mondadori Store exclusive Tote Bag is enhanced with an elegant illustration by Francesca Gastone, making it an indispensable accessory for people who love the story and characters in one of the great literary classics.

The bag will be a gift for everyone who buys at least 2 books from the rich catalogue published by the Mondadori Group publishing houses Einaudi, Fabbri Editori, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Mondadori Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling & Kupfer at Mondadori Store bookstores taking part in the initiative or on, from 29 July to 17 August.

 For the new edition of the initiative, Mondadori Store has renewed its collaboration with the Italian training school MiMaster, the leading player in the illustration and publishing sector, entrusting personalisation of the bags to its students.

The regulation and information on how to obtain a Tote Bag are available on

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