Publication of documents of Annual General Meeting on 17 April 2019

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. hereby informs that the notice of call of the Annual General Meeting on 17 April 2019, and the Directors’ reports, pursuant to art. 125-ter of Legislative Decree 58/1998 of the Italian Civil Code, on the following items on the agenda, to be discussed at both ordinary and extraordinary sessions, are available at the Company’s registered office, at the authorized storage mechanism 1info (, and on the website (Governance section):

  • authorization for the purchase and sale of treasury shares, pursuant to the combined provisions of articles 2357 and 2357-ter of the Italian Civil Code;
  • resolutions, pursuant to art. 114-bis of the TUF, on the granting of financial instruments;
  • appointment of the Independent Auditors for 2019-2027 and determination of their fee;
  • revocation and granting of powers to the Board of Directors pursuant to articles 2443 and 2420-ter of the Italian Civil Code;
  • proposal not to replenish revaluation reserves pursuant to Law no. 72 of 19 March 1983 and Law no. 413 of 30 December 1991.

Also made available, in the above manners, the Information Document on the 2019-2021 Performance Share Plan, prepared in accordance with Annex 3A, under the provisions of art. 84-bis of the Issuer Regulation.

The notice of call of the AGM was published today also in the newspaper indicated in the notice.

The additional documents regarding the AGM will be made available, in the manners above, within the time limits established by current laws.