Can a video game help you learn?

The answer is yes, according to a study Deascuola conducted with Massimiliano Andreoletti, a professor at the Università Cattolica di Milano. Indeed, the research showed that video games can be used as innovative and inclusive tools for teaching in schools.

These reflections gave rise to “Ross e la Sgrammanebbia”, the video game launched by Deascuola in September 2022, which has proved to be a valuable tool for secondary school teachers. The use of this digital tool has increased students’ motivation, helped them to socialise and encouraged them to think, while consolidating their skills and having fun at the same time.

Indeed, the video game offers an exciting journey where narrative, didactic and playful moments alternate. Level after level, students face stimulating challenges and solve grammatical puzzles through small games of increasing difficulty.

Find out more about Ross e la Sgrammanebbia and try the game demo.

Are you ready to live the Sanremo Festival with its protagonists? Once again this year Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will take us to the heart of the musical event with many new features.

A new location: this year the Sorrisi editorial team will move to Villa Emma at the Miramare The Palace Hotel, a short walk from the Ariston Theatre, to follow all the artists and guests closely and produce exclusive content.

Director Aldo Vitali will be interviewing the festival’s singers during the week’s busy schedule, with Giulia Salemi as Sorrisi’s special guest.

A league on FantaSanremo: you can take part in the Sanremo fantasy game by registering your team in the Sorrisi league.

Three exclusive editions on newsstands: after the cover dedicated to the competing singers, published this week, there will be the one with Amadeus together with the co-hosts and the one with the winners of the 74th edition.

The website will always be the point of reference for in-depth reports, set lists and news about the event. Other special content, including interviews and backstage, will be available every day on the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Instagram account.

And that’s not all. For the first time, #CasaChi will be in Sanremo for the entire week of the festival.
Chi Magazine’s Instagram account will host a number of behind-the-scenes events with numerous guests.

Photos: cover by Iwan Palombi, backstage by Alessandro Zambianchi.

We welcome the New Year with a touch of the stars: here is the horoscope featuring our media brands.

Curious to know what the stars have to say? Turn the roundabout to find out, sign by sign, some of the predictions for the coming year and discover which of the Mondadori Group’s magazines and websites will represent you in 2024.

The predictions are taken from the book “Oroscopo 2024. Il giro dell’anno in 365 giorni (+1)” by Simon & The Stars, published by Rizzoli.

“Travel Kids – L’Italia in Intercity” is the new podcast channel created by Loquis, together with Trenitalia and Focus Junior, to introduce children and parents to the beauty of Italy.

100 audio episodes, available on all podcast platforms, will take families on an incredible journey through the whole of Italy, from the Alps to the islands. Each episode will stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the youngest children with entertaining and educational content, using simple language suitable for the whole family.

The narrative voices of this project are those of Andrea Lucchetta, former Italian national volleyball player, and the creator Alessio Bourcet in art Pika Palindromo.

Sara Bongiovanni is the winner of the twenty-first edition of “Il Battello a Vapore” literary prize, the prestigious award that over the years has made it possible to discover many of the most popular writers in the panorama of literature for girls and boys. The competition is organised by Edizioni Piemme and Il Battello a Vapore.

The author, a primary school teacher from Peveragno (CN), won the prize for her book “Ellie Ervin. La maga senza magia”, which was chosen by the jury as the winning text from over 260 entries in the competition. The lively style of writing, combined with an element of mystery, helped to create a fantasy capable of captivating young readers, which will now be published in the Battello a Vapore catalogue.

The award ceremony, which took place on Friday 24 November at the Salone dell’Arengo of the Broletto in Novara, was attended by five members of the jury: Alessandro Gelso, editorial director of Battello a Vapore; Yvonne Campedel, winner of the 2022 edition; Alessandro Barbaglia, writer and bookseller; Sonia Donelli, booktoker; and Nadeesha Uyangoda, journalist.

We animated the Vision Arena at IAB Italia with a packed agenda of meetings dedicated to the various facets of “Regeneration”, the theme chosen for the 2023 edition of the reference event for the world of marketing and digital communication in Italy.

We discussed the future of digital media and the importance of inclusion in the world of communication with Andrea Santagata, CEO of Mondadori Media, and Benedetta De Luca, Disability Advocacy and Gender & Inclusion Editor of The Wom.

Among the many activities, we organised thematic workshops and a series of panels with our brands The Wom and Webboh to explore issues related to the new generations.

Also at the IAB Forum, Mondadori Media announced two major innovations dedicated to Gen Z: Webboh Lab and Z Power.
The first is a permanent digital observatory to photograph Gen Z and get a closer look at their interests, thoughts and expectations. The second, created as a spin-off of the Power Talent Agency, is an agency of young creators who, thanks to their close relationship with Gen Z, will be an important point of contact for brands wishing to communicate with this audience.

For Ludovica Rozera, Talent and Account Manager at Zenzero, a sustainable leader must have a long-term vision by combining several dimensions: personal, environmental and economic.

Ludovica’s Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2022 candidate project, entitled “Food for thought”, consists of a communication campaign created with influencers from Zenzero Talent Agency, and aims to educate about sustainability in the food sector and raise awareness about food waste.

Watch the video to discover Ludovica’s project.

What if the concept of ‘reusable empties’ could be applied to books? The project of Claudia Tamburro, Rights and Acquisition Specialist at Giulio Einaudi editore, which led to the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, is “Book returns”, an entirely green idea to give a second life to the books on our shelves at home.

Watch the video to find out more.

Chiara Righetti, executive assistant and project coordinator at Mondadori Retail, is one of three participants in the latest edition of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. The international programme, which involves young people from all over the world, aims to train future leaders in the field of sustainability and guide them towards implementing business models that are increasingly in line with these issues.

With her project “Idee in circolo”, Chiara wants to bring young people closer to reading and sustainability issues through a series of events dedicated to them in our bookshops, focusing on creativity and fun.

Watch the video to discover the project.

On Monday 18 September, in the sumptuous Reggia di Colorno (PR), the 10 finalists of the first edition of “Become a food creator” competition challenged each other in front of a jury composed of representatives from ALMA and Giallozafferano.
🏆 The winners were Jacopo Lanci and Elena Zeng, who tied for first place.

The competition was born from the partnership between Scuola Internazionale di Cucina italiana and our food media brand, with the aim of discovering new chefs capable of communicating cuisine in an innovative way, while respecting the great Italian tradition.

Participants in the initiative were judged not only on the culinary aspect of their recipes, but also on their communication skills. The chefs were asked to create a video reel and a photo to narrate the recipe and showc the dish on social media.

In the first photo, from left: Lulù Gargari (food creator), Jacopo Lanci, Elena Zeng and Daniele Rossi (food creator).

In the third photo, the contest finalists.