Mondadori Store opens in Nola. A new Mondadori Point bookstore arrives in the heart of the Brunean city. A place entirely dedicated to culture and entertainment where visitors will be able to choose their favorite books from the more than 10,000 books available on the shelf. In addition, it will be possible to take a break at the literary bar to enjoy a coffee or attend events with authors and protagonists of the book world. “Perseverance and a positive spirit, but also tenacity and passion, are the key to looking to tomorrow, and in particular to young people, with optimism. We are opening not just a bookstore but a small literary salon that also wants to be a direct tool to reach young people with reading projects and initiatives that will stimulate their curiosity and interest,” says bookstore manager Autilia Napolitano. In the photo, some moments of the inaugural event attended-along with the many passionate readers of the area-Mayor Carlo Buonauro, Bishop Francesco Marino, and representatives of city associations.