How to orient the younger generations to STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)? Deascuola and Fondazione Bracco present the first edition of “The 100 STEM experts go to school”. It consists of four webinars for teachers, one for each letter of the acronym, plus another two for students, in which female scientists selected by the “100women against stereotypes” portal will speak. A series of appointments to promote not only STEM subjects, but also fundamental values such as gender equality and inclusion. The first meeting, S by Science, was held on Thursday 26 January, just a few days before International Education Day, and featured Sara Gandini, director of the Molecular and Pharmaco-Epidemiology unit of the IEO’s Department of Experimental Oncology,Valentina Bambini, Professor of Linguistics at the IUSS Pavia, and Luisa Torsi, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bari and the Albo Academy University in Finland. The next thematic meetings will be held on 17 February, 13 March and 20 April, while those dedicated to classes will be held on 28 February and 28 April respectively.