The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is approaching and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni has conducted an exclusive interview with Marcomengoniofficialpage, which you can discover in this week’s issue. For the occasion, the singer came to Palazzo Mondadori, the headquarters of our Group in Segrate, for a special photo shoot. The winner of the last Sanremo Festival is ready to represent Italy at the great continental music event. A second participation, after the one in 2013, that the artist wants to fully enjoy: ‘Ten years ago I did not live this moment to the full. I didn’t realise so much that I was on an important stage facing the world, and I didn’t have the courage to talk much with the other artists in the competition, which I want to do this year instead. And I want to enjoy every moment with the right spirit”. Marco, who will perform in Liverpool during the final evening on 13 May with the song ‘Due vite’, told us about the preparations for his performance: “I want people to understand what the ‘journey’ of the song is, in the bounce between everyday life and dreams, day and night, everything double. You will see…’. Photographs by Andrea Bianchera