We animated the Vision Arena at IAB Italia with a packed agenda of meetings dedicated to the various facets of “Regeneration”, the theme chosen for the 2023 edition of the reference event for the world of marketing and digital communication in Italy.

We discussed the future of digital media and the importance of inclusion in the world of communication with Andrea Santagata, CEO of Mondadori Media, and Benedetta De Luca, Disability Advocacy and Gender & Inclusion Editor of The Wom.

Among the many activities, we organised thematic workshops and a series of panels with our brands The Wom and Webboh to explore issues related to the new generations.

Also at the IAB Forum, Mondadori Media announced two major innovations dedicated to Gen Z: Webboh Lab and Z Power.
The first is a permanent digital observatory to photograph Gen Z and get a closer look at their interests, thoughts and expectations. The second, created as a spin-off of the Power Talent Agency, is an agency of young creators who, thanks to their close relationship with Gen Z, will be an important point of contact for brands wishing to communicate with this audience.