Sara Bongiovanni is the winner of the twenty-first edition of “Il Battello a Vapore” literary prize, the prestigious award that over the years has made it possible to discover many of the most popular writers in the panorama of literature for girls and boys. The competition is organised by Edizioni Piemme and Il Battello a Vapore.

The author, a primary school teacher from Peveragno (CN), won the prize for her book “Ellie Ervin. La maga senza magia”, which was chosen by the jury as the winning text from over 260 entries in the competition. The lively style of writing, combined with an element of mystery, helped to create a fantasy capable of captivating young readers, which will now be published in the Battello a Vapore catalogue.

The award ceremony, which took place on Friday 24 November at the Salone dell’Arengo of the Broletto in Novara, was attended by five members of the jury: Alessandro Gelso, editorial director of Battello a Vapore; Yvonne Campedel, winner of the 2022 edition; Alessandro Barbaglia, writer and bookseller; Sonia Donelli, booktoker; and Nadeesha Uyangoda, journalist.