How to value the uniqueness and comparison of generations at work? To answer this question, our Diversity & Inclusion function organized the meeting “The value of generations in Mondadori.” A new appointment dedicated to all #WeAreOfMondadori to discuss the relationship between different generations, a topic that is increasingly at the center of our reflections aware of the impact it will have on the company in the coming years. We had the pleasure of listening to the interventions of guests who in various capacities deal with generational issues, moderated by Radio24 journalist Simone Spetia. To open the reflection, Giorgia Carofiglio and her writer father Gianrico Carofiglio, drawing inspiration from their book “L’ora del caffè” (Einaudi editore), talked about how it is possible – and necessary – to develop a constructive dialogue between distant generations. Interviewed by Spetia, Gianbattista Rosa, president of Active Aging Academy, explained how five different generations will have to find a way to work together in business by creating virtuous bonds and relationships, between challenges and opportunities.
Isabella Pierantoni, founder of Generation Mover, then gave a masterclass on the new vision of work held by Millennials and Generation Z. Finally, Francesca Rizzi, Ceo and co-founder of Jointly, based on research conducted on more than 10,000 girls and boys, foreshadowed what today’s teenagers will look like in the company and what changes they can bring. The meeting was concluded by Francesca Rigolio and Antonio Porro, chief diversity officer and chief executive officer of the Mondadori Group, respectively, telling about the new D&I 2023 projects that will build the Mondadori Care offer.