We concretely support the people of the Mondadori Group involved in caring for their loved ones. Did you know that in Italy one in three workers takes care of an elderly or dependent family member? And that the vast majority of caregivers, as many as 70%, are women? In Mondadori, too, there are many people who take care of a loved one, in fact doing a second job that very often involves additional anxiety and stress. To offer concrete help, our company has launched a new service in partnership with the @atelierdellamente association for all colleagues called upon to care for a relative with suspected cognitive impairment. Through personalised guidance, support and information can be obtained to improve the management and quality of life of the entire family. This is a further step along the path started two years ago in the D&I field to make ours an increasingly inclusive and caring reality. #DiversityInclusion #AtelierDellaMente #sustainability