How to communicate with Generation Z? To answer this question, Mondadori Media colleagues and the creators of @thewom and @giallozafferano spoke at IAB Forum 2022, Italy’s annual benchmark event for the world of digital marketing and communications. On the stage of the Vision Arena curated by The Wom, our brand’s creators and Daniela Cerrato, marketing director of Mondadori Media, and experts from the entire Italian digital media supply chain, gave life to “Decoding Gen Z”: a journey into the world of girls and boys born since 1996, to understand who they are and how to dialogue with them in an authentic way. They share some fundamental traits: their core values are the uniqueness of each individual, inclusiveness and sustainability, and they also base their consumer choices on these. Spotlight on new generations also at the IAB Forum plenary. In the meeting “Hacking Gen Z” with Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media, Aurora Cavallo @cooker.girl, food creator of Giallozafferano and co-founder of @zenzero_talentagency, and Giulio Pasqui, Ceo and co-founder of it emerged how transparency and authenticity, as well as the right media, are the necessary elements to succeed in communicating effectively with the youngest. #MondadoriMedia #IABForu2022 #TheWom #Giallozafferano #GenZ #NoiDellaMondadori