The third episode of Kinghiana is available on all the main audio streaming platforms. The podcast, a project by Mondadori Studios in collaboration with Sperling & Kupfer, is dedicated to everyone, from Stephen King fans to those who have never read one of his novels.

The third episode of Kinghiana is dedicated to the novel “Misery” and, alongside Jacopo Cirillo and Giulio D’Antona, there will also be the writer Paola Barbato as special guest. Together they will reveal the secrets of one of Stephen King’s most famous novels.

The podcast is a journey into the frightening and claustrophobic universe of the “King of Terror” where listeners will have the opportunity to learn more about the author and his famous novels through anecdotes, backstories and legends, starting with a book for each episode, every first Tuesday of the month.

In the previous episodes of the podcast, it has been discussed of “22/11/63” and “Different Seasons”.

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