Communicate the new plans for the future and thanking, after the excellent results of 2022, those who are contributing to the renewal and growth of our network of bookshops. With this in mind, Carmine Perna, managing director of Mondadori Retail, addressed all the people who work for the company, both in the head office and in the bookshops scattered throughout Italy. Perna commented on the excellent results achieved in 2022 and reiterated the important role of our bookstores as a cultural stronghold in the territory, thanks to a rich editorial offer, many events and the strong expertise of our booksellers. The forecasts for 2023 are also positive. We will continue to invest in every area with the aim of offering customers an increasingly omnichannel, integrated and recognisable experience, based on a rich and up-to-date publishing offer. A very positive picture for which Carmine Perna sincerely thanked each person involved, also on behalf of our entire Group. #NoiDellaMondadori #MondadoriRetail #Library #Retail