President Sergio Mattarella received the book on Anna Politkovskaya’s memory. President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella met with Vera Politkovskaya at the Quirinale on Friday 24 February. The daughter of Russian ‘Novaja Gazeta’ journalist Anna Politkovskaya, murdered in October 2006, presented President Mattarella with a copy of her book ‘A Mother. Anna Politkovskaya’s life and passion for truth’, published by Rizzoli. The meeting was also attended by representatives of our publishing house. “My mother has always been an uncomfortable person, not only for the Russian authorities, but also for ordinary people. She wrote the naked truth about soldiers, bandits and civilians who ended up in the meat grinder of war. He spoke of pain, blood, death, dismembered bodies and broken destinies.” The book, written with Sara Giudice and translated by Marco Clementi, is in bookshops now. Photo by the @quirinal press office. From left, Manuela Galbiati (Rizzoli non-fiction publishing manager), Massimo Turchetta (Rizzoli publisher and general manager), Luisa Colicchio (Rizzoli communication manager), President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, Vera Politkovskaya, Il’ja Politkovskaya (Vera’s brother), Marco Clementi.