Three years have passed since that March of 2020, the moment when our lives were turned upside down by the spread of a virus. A real threat that forced us to change our lifestyles and habits, starting with the way we work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our Group has been committed to protecting the health of its people by extensively introducing remote working, equipping everyone with company computers and telephones, and establishing a direct and constant flow of communication. In addition to direct mail and news on the intranet, we also added the Digital Assistant, the interactive chatbot we created, which in three years answered more than 3,100 questions on Covid-19, smart working and corporate welfare. Thanks to this experience, we now work in a new, hybrid way, combining flexibility, productivity and quality of personal life. A model based on empowering people and enhancing skills and working by objectives.
Let’s talk numbers. We distributed more than one million masks and over 17,000 hand sanitisers in offices and bookshops. We performed 43,286 examinations, including antigenic, molecular, and serological tests, and also offered the administration of more than 3 thousand influenza and antipneumococcal vaccines. Last but not least, we provided a psychological support service. All this was possible thanks to our doctors and nurses, who faced the risks of contagion first-hand, and to the Crisis Committee: a transversal coordination group set up at the start of the emergency and which met over 100 times to monitor the progress of the pandemic, deciding on the action to be taken in good time. Given its effectiveness, this experience of confrontation and sharing will continue to exist in the future as the Health and Safety Committee, an important organisational legacy that will remain to oversee all #WeWork. #pandemic #smartworking