We have decided to be even closer and more attentive to the needs of those among our people whose economic situation is more exposed to cost-of-living increases and inflation, in a general context as difficult as the current one. We have done this by giving a contribution of €1,000 net in purchasing vouchers to all our employees with a gross salary of up to €35,000: an initiative that also represents a further thank you for the good results we have achieved together, shared by our CEO Antonio Porro with the chairman of the Mondadori Group, Marina Berlusconi. This concrete contribution, which is also the result of joint work with the trade unions, underlines how the wellbeing of our people is a fundamental value for us, as is also demonstrated by the many other welfare activities we have carried out in recent years. #NoiDellaMondadori Photo by Giuseppe Biancofiore / Mondadori Portfolio