Over the past few weeks, colleagues from our Communication and Media Relations Department took turns to leave the Segrate offices for a few hours to experience a new job at the Mondadori Bookstore in Vimodrone. Guided by the store team, they spent two half days trying their hand at being a bookseller.

The initiative was more than just a training and team-building opportunity. It was an invaluable opportunity to get to know the dynamics of bookselling and customer relationship management: from pre-opening activities to the shop security checklist; from analysing the previous day’s results to defining the layout according to the criteria of product distribution; from the reception area with product loading and display to managing the space for new products and promotions; from managing the publisher’s circulation programme to returns.

An exciting and stimulating experience, conceived and developed also with a view to developing transversal skills. The exchange, much appreciated by all the participants, also served to raise awareness of the importance of the work carried out every day by Mondadori’s booksellers in our stores throughout Italy.

Special thanks to Mondadori Retail S.p.A. for supporting this initiative. In particular to Carmen De Cesare, manager of the Vimodrone bookstore, for guiding her colleagues in this new experience; Rino Evangelista, Mauro Magrì, Edoardo Muratore and Carmine Perna for supporting the idea and contributing to its realisation.

In the second photo, from left to right: Vasco Bergamaschi, Lorenzo Cocco, Silvia Leoni, Carmen De Cesare, Federico Angrisano, Federica Colombo, Ilenia Cavaliere, Chiara Carosi, Carmen Mugione, Roberta Cambielli and Ilaria Garajo.