For us, sustainability is a commitment that goes beyond the office. In fact, through initiatives focused on home-work travel, we try to meet the needs of all our employees and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

As the Mondadori Group, we have activated a series of services and conventions
– Company shuttles to connect our offices with train stations and metro lines;
– Preferential season tickets for the use of public transport;
– A carpooling platform to make private car journeys more efficient;
– Discounts on car-sharing services and e-bike or e-scooter rentals.

In particular, we have recently signed an agreement with the micro-mobility service Lime, in synergy with the Segrate Municipality, to provide a pick-up and drop-off point for vehicles near Palazzo Mondadori and at other strategic points in the area, such as the railway station. This is an important project based on public-private cooperation to achieve a common goal: promoting sustainable mobility.

This is why we are constantly striving to improve our actions, also involving our employees through periodic surveys on the subject, which help us to gather opinions and suggestions. And our colleagues are happy to contribute, answering the various questions in large numbers each time.