The Wom publishes its first book in the name of diversity and inclusion: ‘The Wom Power’. A guide to being yourself*, written to inspire and motivate anyone who wants to express themselves freely, going beyond prejudices and stereotypes. “The Wom Power” is organised into six chapters, each of which opens with a story written by a content creator from the #TheWomSquad: stories and testimonies that The Wom shares with its community every day to enhance the uniqueness of each person and promote the values of diversity and inclusion. The book, published by Mondadori Electa, was presented at the Rizzoli Galleria bookstore in Milan with a special event, during which Francesca Vecchioni, president of Diversity [], Daniela Cerrato, marketing director of Mondadori Media, and Francesca Rigolio, chief diversity officer of our Group, spoke. Many people were present to listen to and meet Benedetta De Luca, Gender & Inclusion editor of The Wom, and the creators Barbara Conte, Elisabetta Rossi and Paola Torrente, who contributed to the realisation of the book.