According to Italian lecturers, what are the most relevant sustainability issues, considering the impacts generated by our Group in the ESG sphere? Nearly 5,000 teachers responded to us. We conducted a survey to collect the opinions of the teaching staff of primary and secondary schools in all regions of Italy. The survey is part of the “stakeholder engagement” activity that our company carries out every year for the Consolidated Non-financial Statement. It is an important moment of listening – also extended to other categories of stakeholders – to identify the priority ESG areas for our Group, on which we will continue to engage with determination and attention, with a view to continuous improvement. The survey highlights that the topics deemed as priorities by teachers are: 1. “Promotion of reading and sociocultural growth”; 2. “Promotion of Sustainable Development”; 3. “Education and the world of schools”; 4. “Diversity, equity and inclusion”; and 5. “Climate change and biodiversity.” The research also revealed which areas, according to the teachers, our Group should focus on in the short to medium term: these are Education for Sustainable Development and Promotion of Reading and Environmental Culture. On these areas we are already strongly engaged with our publishing houses with goals also defined within our Sustainability Plan but we will try to seize this additional stimulus.